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Titan and Tethys

Image of Titan and Tethys
TITAN AND TETHYS: Until very recently, our view of Titan was much as it is depicted here: a hazy, orange sphere. NASA’s Cassini mission changed all of that in 2005 when a probe was launched from it to Titan’s surface to glimpse what lay below. As it plunged, the Huygens probe relayed data back to Earth about the atmosphere and weather it encountered. Revealed was a world that looked a lot like home, with surface features like riverbeds, vast deserts covered in dunes, and even lakes filled not with water, but liquid hydrocarbons—much like the fuel we put into our cars! These lakes are the first open bodies of liquid found anywhere besides Earth. Also in this portrait is Saturn’s smaller moon, Tethys. Tethys is thought to be comprised almost entirely of water ice. It’s dominating surface feature (noticeable in the image) is a giant impact crater called Odysseus Crater, the diameter of which is two fifths that of Tethys itself! Image Credit: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute Image Credit: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute
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