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Svalbard 1

Image of Svalbard 1
LIFE AT THE TOP OF THE WORLD: Svalbard is a remote archipelago in Northern Norway, deep within the Arctic circle. Scientists with the Arctic Mars Analog Svalbard Expedition (AMASE) traveled there to test the protocols, procedures, and equipment needed to detect traces of organic chemistry and perhaps life on Mars. Instruments that will fly onboard NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory and ESA’s ExoMars missions were tested in Svalbard by the AMASE team. With a unique combination of volcanoes, hot springs, and permafrost, the Bockfjord Volcanic Complex on Svalbard is the only place on Earth with carbonate deposits identical to those found in the famous Martian meteorite ALH84001. What a unique opportunity to study the interaction between water, rocks, and primitive life forms in a Mars-like environment! Image Credit: Kjell Ove Storvik/AMASE
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