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  1. Acknowledgements

    FETTSS is a true collaborative effort led by Daniella Scalice and Julie Fletcher of the NASA Astrobiology Program. Beyond taking inspiration from the very concept of FETTU, every tip for how to create a FETTSS exhibit, every detail of website functionality, and every form to fill out has its root in FETTU. FETTU’s visionary creators, Megan Watzke and Kim Kowal Arcand of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, have contributed more than just nuts and bolts to FETTSS. Their experience, leadership, and passion for communicating astronomy through visual means has elevated FETTSS from a simple idea to a potent reality.

    FETTSS would clearly also not be possible without the scientists and engineers whose day-to-day quest to understand the Universe around them has produced the images here. FETTSS celebrates their commitment to exploration and pursuit of knowledge!

    We acknowledge and express gratitude to the FETTSS Curation Committee that helped source images and cull a collection of over 250 submissions!

    Doris Daou
    Wendy Dolci
    Sandy Dueck
    Kay Ferrari
    Tori Hoehler
    Melissa Kirven-Brooks
    Brooke Norsted
    Stephanie Shipp

    We are also grateful for the support from scientists who edited the captions for each image:

    Abby Allwood
    Caspar Amman
    Ariel Anbar
    Henry Bortman
    Monica Brelsford
    Nathalie Cabrol
    Phil Chamberlin
    Phoebe Cohen
    Brian Day
    Sandy Dueck
    Lori Feaga
    David Grinspoon
    Jenn Macalady
    Karen Meech
    Bryan Mendez
    Michael Meyer
    Mike Mumma
    Curt Neibur
    Carl Pilcher
    Valeria Souza
    Suzi Taylor
    Kathie Thomas-Keprta
    Steve Vance
    Katherine Wright

    Special Thanks to Mary Voytek, Carl Pilcher, Wendy Dolci, Ed Goolish, Shige Abe and Vidya Reddy of the NASA Astrobiology Program and Melissa Weiss of the Chandra X-ray Center for their support of and contributions to FETTSS.

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Glasgow Display

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