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  1. About FETTSS

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    From Earth to the Solar System (FETTSS) is a collection of images that showcase the excitement of planetary exploration—our journey to understand the origin and evolution of the Solar System, and our search for life elsewhere. The images are at once artistic and informative, weaving together themes in astrobiology, planetary science, and astronomy. Including contributions from backyard astronomers, large telescopes in space, and even point-and-shoot cameras of field researchers, the collection represents the current state of exploration as seen through the eyes of the scientific community.

    Beyond traditional (and non-traditional!) views of the Sun and planets, the collection features snapshots of field locations here on Earth where astrobiologists are engaged in hands-on research exploring the origins, extremes, and limits of life. From a river of acid in Spain to rock outcrops in Western Australia to boiling springs in Yellowstone National Park, these sites are crucibles of discovery that inform and shape how we explore, both within our Solar System and beyond.

    FETTSS celebrates NASA’s Year of the Solar System! Spanning a Martian Year—23 months—it is a time of unprecedented activity in Solar System exploration, beginning in October, 2010 and ending in late 2012. NASA’s missions during this time are diverse: EPOXI and Stardust NExT encounter their comets, Dawn arrives at the asteroid Vesta, MESSENGER begins circling Mercury, Juno departs for Jupiter, Mars Science Laboratory journeys to the surface of Mars, and GRAIL orbits the Moon. These and other missions will address the questions driving our exploration: How did the Sun’s family of planets and minor bodies originate and evolve? How did life begin and evolve on Earth? Are we alone?

    FETTSS is based on the award-winning 2009 International Year of Astronomy project, From Earth to the Universe (FETTU). FETTU has been exhibited all over the world in shopping malls, metro stations, parks, airports, and other unique locations, reaching millions of people in such locales as New York City, Reykjavik, Alexandria, Shanghai, and Lima. FETTSS seeks to add to that success, continuing to inspire the imagination and fuel our fascination with space.

    Click here for information on how to host an exhibit.

Tucson Airport Displaying FETTSS

Portugal Bathroom Displaying FETTSS Imagery

Iranian Exhibit

Glasgow Public Display

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